Day 6 – Climbing High and a Sod’s Opera

Tall Ships blog 2017: No. 8

Today we sailed from Holy Loch to Greenock. We braced the sails and then we were basically at the dock after that. We then did a social climb to see how far up the mast we could get. I got just above the upper topsail before the distance between the rope on the shrouds became too far and my legs couldn’t reach up. It’s still the highest I’ve climbed on this voyage and so I’m happy with what I have achieved. But I am incredibly proud of Emma who got to the top and I’m so happy that she made it! Continue reading “Day 6 – Climbing High and a Sod’s Opera”

Day 5 – A Long Passage and a Navy Submarine

Tall Ships 2017 Blog: No. 7

Wow, what a day! Today was our longest day the voyage so far as we sailed for a whopping ten hours! This wasn’t too bad though as the day has been clear and the sea calm. However, there was some excitement when we passed a navy submarine surrounded by escort craft. While the crew came up on deck to wave and take photos, I was on the helm and couldn’t take a proper look! Continue reading “Day 5 – A Long Passage and a Navy Submarine”

Day 4 – Short hop, rowing and Uno

Tall Ships Blog 2017 – No. 6

It has almost become a part of my normal routine to set sail and go to a new location. Today was short as it only took us four hours to sail from Loch Ranza to Cambeltown and so it was a nice and easy journey. When we got here we had a boat race in the port. Blue Watch vs. White Watch (my team). Sadly, my team lost but we still had a laugh and my first rowing experience was awesome. Continue reading “Day 4 – Short hop, rowing and Uno”

Day 3 – Dogzilla and Lobster Pots

Tall Ships Blog 2017 – No. 5

Part of the Scout Law is ‘A Scout is to have courage in all difficulties’, or something along those lines. I felt that I related to this when I climbed to the yard (which was a few felt higher than the platform) to put the sail into gear. I held on tight to the yard and struggled to move. But again, I had a little cry and I was okay, I felt proud that I got myself a little but further. Continue reading “Day 3 – Dogzilla and Lobster Pots”

Day 2 – Up And Over


Tall ship 2017 Blog – No. 4

Today was our first full day on the the ship. After a surprisingly good sleep, we woke early and were soon out on deck where we did our first challenge which was the ‘up and over’ – climbing the rigging to the first platform on the mast, and back down the other side. Although this was difficult at the time as the first platform felt really high, I was glad I did it. Continue reading “Day 2 – Up And Over”

Emma sets course for Greenock

Tall Ships 2017 Blog – No.2

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m an Explorer Scout form Wallasey, Merseyside. I’ve just finished packing my kit for the voyage (kind of last minute as per usual!) and I’m about to set off for the drive up to Greenock near Glasgow!  I’m super excited about the trip, although I am a bit scared of climbing  the masts – they look really high… I’m definitely going to try and make it to the top though! Continue reading “Emma sets course for Greenock”

Bex Readies for Sea

Tall Ships 2017 Blog – No. 1

Hey I’m Bex, an Explorer Scout from St. Helens District in Merseyside. In about 2 days, I’ll be setting off on a Tall Ship Voyage on board the Stavros S Niarchos. This will be my first time sailing on a ship and I’m super excited. However, I’m also nervous about how quickly I’ll pick up the terminology and how well I will do, but I guess I’ll hopefully improve as the voyage goes on. Continue reading “Bex Readies for Sea”

Explorers set course for Tall Ships Adventure

A sailing adventure awaits three Explorer Scouts from the North West region who have been awarded bursaries by the Deep Sea Scouts for a week on the tall ship Stavros S Niarchos.

The three Explorers – Bex, Emma and Rachel – successfully applied to the Deep Sea Scouts Tall Ships Bursary 2016 competition and were selected following an interview on board the ship.  Continue reading “Explorers set course for Tall Ships Adventure”