Day 4 – Short hop, rowing and Uno

Tall Ships Blog 2017 – No. 6

It has almost become a part of my normal routine to set sail and go to a new location. Today was short as it only took us four hours to sail from Loch Ranza to Cambeltown and so it was a nice and easy journey. When we got here we had a boat race in the port. Blue Watch vs. White Watch (my team). Sadly, my team lost but we still had a laugh and my first rowing experience was awesome.

After dinner, we were able to go and explore Cambeltown. Well, by explore I mean find the nearest Tesco and stock up!! The people here are so polite and friendly. We met some locals in the chippy who found it really cool that we came on the Tall Ship and they were really awesome to speak to. We came back from Cambeltown and sat in the mess and played an intense game of Uno. Kevin ended up as the gamemaster and kept the game by-the-book. We then had a tremendous laugh at some of Steven’s jokes. Everyone’s disappeared for a shower and to get ready for bed. It’s getting to the point where we are all completely shattered!!

Thought for the day: I don’t want to leave!!!

Signing off!!


After a hard couple of days, today was a relatively short hop across to Cambeltown as we only sailed for four hours. Once we dropped the anchor, we had decided to have a rowing boat race. Unfortunately, this didn’t go quite as planned – although we had a nice tour of the harbour, we didn’t manage to win, but that seemed irrelevant due to all of the fun we had!

Later that evening we headed into Cambeltown to check out the local area. It turned out that there was very little there, so we soon headed back to the mess to relax and play some games. However, the mood soon turned as tensions rose and Uno cards flew. Newfound friendships were tested, but luckily they seem to be intact – everyone has now headed down below to shower and go to bed, and the mess seems eerily quiet. I think it’s time to drag myself to bed as I am dead on my feet…