Day 5 – A Long Passage and a Navy Submarine

Tall Ships 2017 Blog: No. 7

Wow, what a day! Today was our longest day the voyage so far as we sailed for a whopping ten hours! This wasn’t too bad though as the day has been clear and the sea calm. However, there was some excitement when we passed a navy submarine surrounded by escort craft. While the crew came up on deck to wave and take photos, I was on the helm and couldn’t take a proper look!

We later came into port at around half seven, where we had a quick tea, after which we all collapsed in the mess for a well earned rest! However, this didn’t last long as we were soon directed to the waste for a ‘boat race’. Although this didn’t turn out to be quite what we expected, everyone enjoyed it, even though my watch lost… again.

Now the crew are starting our voyage’s track chart – this will be a mixture or drawings, quotes & maps which will show how far we’ve sailed, and all the memorable moments we’ve had – and trust me, there have been many!


10 hours… we sailed for 10 hours. That’s a long time to be at sea! Luckily we only experienced a slight bit of rain before we carried on with a clear day. On the way to Holy Loch, we passed a navy submarine. Everyone came onto the deck to marvel at it! It was then time to come into port. I was at the helm for 40 minutes steering the ship into the port. That’s what I’m probably the most proudest of on this voyage; steering the ship to anchor.

We then started on our track charts which is an A4 piece of paper filled with the funny stuff that happened on board. We had so much to fill it with that there’s hardly any space left. It just shows how amazing this experience has been for all the voyage crew.

Now, Emma is showing Kevin and Lewis where the Wirral is in relation to Liverpool. It really isn’t the same place!

One more day to go!!!