Day 6 – Climbing High and a Sod’s Opera

Tall Ships blog 2017: No. 8

Today we sailed from Holy Loch to Greenock. We braced the sails and then we were basically at the dock after that. We then did a social climb to see how far up the mast we could get. I got just above the upper topsail before the distance between the rope on the shrouds became too far and my legs couldn’t reach up. It’s still the highest I’ve climbed on this voyage and so I’m happy with what I have achieved. But I am incredibly proud of Emma who got to the top and I’m so happy that she made it!

Tonight we had the SOD’s (Stavros Operatic and Drama Society) Opera and our watch sung ‘pick a pocket or two’ from Oliver and our watch leader, Martin, sung Fagan’s part. I then played some songs on the Ukulele such as Bohemian Rhapsody and Hallelujah and the crew sung as a large chorus. We also got Gill to do a dab; I did a lap of the ship I was so happy!!! It was a great end to a fantastic voyage!!

I’m gutted to be leaving tomorrow. It feels as if the ship has become home. It’ll be weird going home to steady land and a bed rather than the sea and a pipe cot.

I do not want to go home!!

Signing off!

Today we sailed from Holy Loch to Greenock, which was thankfully only a two hour trip – we were all so tired! We later had the social climb, during which you could climb as high as you liked. Bex did amazing; she managed to get to the upper topsail – I was so proud as I cheered her on from below! I am also quite proud of what I achieved – although I said I would only go to the first platform, I managed to climb to the top of the mast & touch the flag – I’m still not sure how I did it though!

We then relaxed for a couple of hours, and went over our performances for the SOD’s Opera which was a great laugh. Everyone did something, with our watch opening with the song ‘pick a pocket or two’ from Oliver. Bex and I also treated the rest of the crew to some scout campfire songs to end the night.

Now, after a long day I can’t wait for bed. However, I also wish that this night could go on for a bit longer, as the fact that we are going home tomorrow has started to sink in – after such a good trip, I don’t want to leave the Stavros!