Explorers set course for Tall Ships Adventure

A sailing adventure awaits three Explorer Scouts from the North West region who have been awarded bursaries by the Deep Sea Scouts for a week on the tall ship Stavros S Niarchos.

The three Explorers – Bex, Emma and Rachel – successfully applied to the Deep Sea Scouts Tall Ships Bursary 2016 competition and were selected following an interview on board the ship.  The trio will set sail on the Stavros S Niarchos for a week in April 2017, becoming part of a Tall Ships Adventure crew of 66.  The voyage offers the chance of a lifetime to sail along the west coast of Scotland where they will learn nautical skills, develop the skills needed to work in a close knit team, and challenge themselves physical and mentally with life at sea.

You can follow their journey in an upcoming blog on the Deep Sea Scouts website, on Twitter and Facebook.