Our Role

The Deep Sea Scouts run a range of support activites both nationally and internationally:

Wogglemania is a creative activity run by some of the Deep Sea Scout members that attend Scout camps around the country allowing camp attendees to learn the skills of crafting their own leather woggle to display on their necker

Deep Sea Scouts contributed a tree to the National Memorial Arboretum, “Remembering The Scouts That Worked In Ships That Have Crossed The Bar, Called To Higher Service”

Actively support the ‘Clinic Nepal’ founded, built and maintained by DSS members

Provide bases on locally and nationally organised events

Sponsoring a Scout on the Tall Ships

Transport and arrangements for the distribution of the Peace Light

The administrative tasks for the Deep Sea Scouts include:

Scouts-in-Ships provides our quarterly communication to our members

Hold an Annual General Meeting to review the operation of the NSASU

Extend the list of overseas contacts for serving members to use on their travels