Steering Team

The organisation of the Deep Sea Scouts and coordination of national level activities is undertaken by a steering team who are elected or appointed. You can contact each of these people through our contact form.

Vacant President 
Tom Jowett Manager 
John Beard Chair to lead the national meetings
Don Taylor Vice Chair to deputise & take “Chair” at next Spring Meeting
Stephen Pridmore Treasurer to control finances and prepare financial statement for Spring Meeting
John Marshall Membership to enrol new members, to clear DBS applications, to keep Scout Association “Compass” up to date, and to lead an Appointment Committee, if required
Ann Leyland Awards Coordinator to make any nominations for Scout Association awards, and to receive & distribute Length of Service Awards
Margaret Smith Welfare Officer to maintain contact with members
Peter Scrivener Editor of Scouts-in-Ships to collect items, edit and publish the DSS magazine
Chris Lines Archivist to hold and monitor DSS possessions
Matt Donnelly Webmaster to maintain the DSS website
Margaret Bibby Badge Secretary to hold stock of DSS uniform & badges
Tom Jowett Acting “Slop Chest” Secretary to order, hold & distribute DSS-logo merchandise
Chris Lines Tall Ships Coordinator to accept entries and liaise with assessing team, to make award and liaise with winner
Alan and Beryl Goodall Peace Light Coordinator to co-ordinate the collection and distribution of Peace Light